Emergency Management.
Made easy.

A mobile-first Emergency Room automation system that assists in clinical decision-making and management.

ER Eazy

Proudly made for clinicians, by clinicians

A simple app for the multitasking ER professional


Make Rapid Decisions.
Fast-track your ER.

Internationally accepted pathways to assist ER Residents at the point of care

Stunning Graphics

Improve your Quality of Care

ER Eazy is designed to be your digital ER assistant. In a Q&A format, the app guides you through ER assessments and recommends a verified plan of action.

A Complete Picture of your ER

Audit trails make life easier for everyone in the ER. ER Eazy clarifies common confusions like “Who handled this patient?” or “Is the drug administered yet?”

Medical Compliance Made Easy

ER documentation is no joke - it is literally a matter of life and death. With ER Eazy, documentation is automatic, which reduces your administrative burden

Reduce Patient Wait Time

Managing a busy ER is challenging. ER Eazy simplifies triaging. It fast-tracks all ER activities, allowing you to care for your waiting patients faster.

A Simple Interface

Medical applications are notorious for their cluttered interfaces. As clinicians, we designed ER Eazy with busy, multi-tasking ER associates in mind. ER Eazy aims to assist, not overwhelm.


ER Eazy integrates easily with your existing HIS. This makes your billing process simple and quick.